Students who wish to concentrate in the multidisciplinary program in Women’s Studies or elect the correlate sequence should consult the director of the program. With an adviser or advisers in the program, applicants plan a course of study, tailored to their particular interests and needs in the field. The concentration or correlate sequence must be approved by the adviser or advisers and the director of the program.

Requirements for the Concentration:

12 units elected from at least three disciplines, including:(1) WMST 130 - Introduction to Women's Studies; (2) 2 units selected from WMST 240, WMST 241, WMST 245, WMST 251, WMST 277; (3) 1 unit in feminist theory, chosen from WMST 250, WMST 381, or an equivalent course approved by the steering committee by petition; (4)WMST 299 - Thesis Preparation and WMST 301 - Senior Thesis or Project-WMST 302 - Senior Thesis or Project, a 1-unit essay or project in the senior year; (5) WMST 375 - Seminar in Women's Studies; (6) in addition to the thesis and WMST 375, 2 units at the 300-level selected from Women’s Studies program courses or the list of Women’s Studies Approved Courses (300-level courses must be taken from no fewer than two departments or programs); (7) additional Women’s Studies courses selected from program courses or the list of Women’s Studies Approved Courses.

All courses should be chosen in consultation with the adviser or the director of the program. No required courses for a concentration in Women’s Studies may be taken NRO, and no more than 3 units may be taken as ungraded work. No more than 2 units at the 100-level may count towards the Women’s Studies minimum requirement of 12 units. The senior thesis is graded.

Senior-Year Requirements:

  • WMST 299 - Thesis Preparation
  • WMST 301 - Senior Thesis or Project
  • and

  • WMST 302 - Senior Thesis or Project