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Correlate Sequence in Queer Studies

The following academic requirements are from the 2016/17 Vassar College Catalogue.

The Women’s Studies Program offers a correlate sequence in Queer Studies. Queer Studies is a multidisciplinary field focusing on sexuality as a medical, legal, and cultural category of social organization centering on lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, and transgender identities. Queer Studies critiques dominant conceptions of sexuality, particularly as they intersect with constructions of gender, race, nation, class, and ability. Arising from and intersecting with feminist, anti-racist, post-colonial, and other social movements, Queer Studies combines a range of historical, theoretical, literary, and epistemological approaches. A correlate in Queer Studies offers students the methodologies to interrogate normative and binary definitions of sexuality and sexual identity. Students learn how Queer activism and scholarship have made important critical interventions in work on poverty, immigration, policing and mass incarceration, health care and reproductive rights, militarization, and imperialism.

Requirements for the six (6) graded unit correlate sequence designed in consultation with an advisor from the Women's Studies Program:

The following three courses:

  • WMST 130 - Introduction to Women's Studies
  • WMST 201 - Introduction to Queer Studies
  • WMST 381 - How Queer is That?

One unit chosen from:

  • WMST 262 - Native American Women
  • WMST 384 - Transnational Queer: Genders, Sexualities, Identities
  • FILM 339 - Contemporary Southeast Asian Cinemas
  • ANTH 266 - Indigenous and Oppositional Media
  • RELI 380 - Religion, Sex, and the Modern State
  • or an equivalent course with a transnational or non-U.S. focus approved by the steering committee by petition.

Two (2) other courses from the list of Women's Studies Approved Courses, germane to the focus of the correlate sequence.

No more than 2 units may be taken at the 100-level.

Students may NRO one of the courses, up until the time of the correlate declaration.