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Christina D. Owens

Post-doctoral Fellow in Women's Studies

Christina D. Owens received her doctorate in Cultural Studies with a designated emphasis in Feminist Theory and Research from the University of California, Davis. She specializes in transnational relations and social theory, including feminist, critical race, queer, and postcolonial theory. 

Her current book project examines the gender, race, class, and sexuality politics of contemporary U.S. empire by focusing on U.S. native English teachers working in contemporary Japan.  This work combines textual and ethnographic analysis of evidence from participant observation, interviews, media, and cultural texts.

Professor Owens regularly presents papers at national and international conferences and has published in American StudiesAmerican QuarterlyTransformations. Her recently published article in American Studies, “Traveling Yellow Peril: Race, Gender, and Empire in Japan’s English Teaching Industry,” explores how U.S. white male interviewees regularly invoked Filipina competition as an impending threat to their livelihoods. She theorizes these anxieties as updating imperial fears of “colonial mimicry” for our era of multidirectional transnational migration and gendered flexibilization of the global labor force.

As a Consortium for Faculty Diversity Postdoctoral Fellow at Vassar, Professor Owens will be co-teaching Introduction to Women’s Studies, as well as courses on Transnational Feminism, Feminist Critiques of (Neo)Liberalism, and Queer Studies.

For more information, she her personal website: https://www.christinaowens.net/

Journal Articles:

Traveling Yellow Peril: Race, Gender, and Empire in Japan’s English Teaching Industry.”  American Studies, Vol. 55 No. 4 / Vol. 56 No. 1 (2017). 

(A shortened version of this journal article also won Finalist mention in the American Studies Association's 2015 Comparative Ethnic Studies Essay competition.)

The Global American Studies Classroom: International Students and Critical Pedagogy,” co-authored with Abbie Boggs, American Quarterly Vol. 68 No. 2 (June 2016). 

When Filipino Prisoners Go Viral,” Transformations: The Journal of Inclusive Scholarship and Pedagogy. Vol. 24. No. 1 & 2 (2014).

Online / Public Humanities:

"Full Spandex Suits and Other Fashion Fantasies in 'Weird Japan' Media Coverage." Fashion ResearchFashion, Culture, Theory (blog), 19 Aug 2015.